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The inspiration behind the creation of the Bodegas Martamate began in 2008. We had been making wines successfully for several years from our vineyard in Gumiel de Mercado but , in 2008, we used the best of these grapes to create an exclusive wine, limited to the production of only 3000 bottles.

This first wine, which goes by the name of Primordium (meaning: the origin, the beginning) received a magnificent welcome and was acclaimed by wine critics and connoisseurs (95 points Parker).

It was at this point that we decided to consolidate our inspiration and expertise to create our own winery. We united as a team with a shared philosophy and aim: to produce quality wine that celebrates all that is good in life.

In May 2013, our ideas literally became concrete; we acquired some buildings in Tubilla del Lago, Burgos, within the designated area for the denomination of origin for the Ribera del Duero wines. The Bodega marta maté was born: a plain and simple building in the heart of the countryside solely devoted to the elaboration of a limited quantity of top quality wine.

Elaboration and Production

We make marta maté wines using the finest possible ingredient: the Tinto Fino grapes from our country estate in Gumiel de Mercado and from our vines in Tubilla del Lago. The grapes are carefully harvested by hand and collected in the traditional 12kg baskets. Then they are graded on the selection table according to quality.

Our aim is to preserve the physical characteristics of the grape by carefully removing any damaged, mouldy grapes or any other matter, by hand, before the pumping process. The best quality grapes are crushed naturally by gravity and fermented in conical tanks to concentrate the natural flavours.

The malolactic fermentation and the maturation of the wine takes place in 225 litre barrels of French oak and 600 litre barrels of American oak. We also use wooden casks of 2300 litre capacity.

The area set aside for the maturation of the wine in these barrels is on the south side underneath the building where there is a continual and exhaustive level of control.

The Geographical Context

The bodegas are located in Tubilla del Lago, a village in the south of the province of Burgos, which is washed by the river Gromejon. It is situated in the north of the area of designated for the denomination of origin for Ribera del Duero wines.

The name of the village is mediaeval in origin and derives from the word “toba” meaning the white stone which is typically seen in the soil of the area.

This village, dating from the 9th century, has a long tradition of viticulture and there are still many underground cellars preserved beneath the streets.

However, we have our own exclusive, unique vines upon which we lavish great care and attention and, in return, they reward us with some marvellous grapes. These grapes are transformed by a team of people who desire nothing more than to create the best and most distinctive wines – our wines.

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